He woke up slowly, his head pulsating and his arms stining slightly. Groanin, he opened his eyes, they were still havy with sleep. He looked around the room, the damp and musty smell infitrated his nostrils, it burnt slightly. He saw the faint outline of his friends. They appeared to be sat down, but the […]

In this essay I will explore how the theme of power is conveyed, in the poems ‘Remains’ and ‘War Photographer’. I’ll also analyse how the authors, Duffy and Armitage, use language and language techniques to do this, and the ways these might be similar or differ. The theme of power is explored in many different. […]

We are introduced to Manju, she’s currently studying as the sun blazes outside A rumor starts that the coporator took part in a low-caste election even though he isn’t. He now going through every ward hoping to over-turn the paper work to overrule the vote by trying to gain the love of the people Asha […]

Throughout this essay the different perspectives of Mumbai will be explored by looking into the thoughts of those who live there. In the ‘Beautiful foreverers’ Katherine Boo introduces three main characters: Abdul, Asha and Sunil. The protagonists, though living in the same slum (Annawadi), have incredibly different perspectives on what life can provide for them. […]

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. – George Washington.

Through out the review, Jan Breman, pushes forward the idea that Boo, the author of “The Beautiful Forevers”, is trying to illustrate the huge inequalities that Mumbai holds for the people living in the “under city”.

We are introduced to Asha and her husband. We are told that Asha thinks that her husband has gone “batty and pious” as he has lost the want to be the slum lord. Asha sees an opportunity. Asha manages to aquire the “Slum Lord” position as “The Corporator”, the main political figure in the Shiv […]